Grocery Shopping List

Look for very lean and lean proteins.  These include 95% lean and higher.  When reading food labels read the total calories and calories from
fat.  The total fat percentage should be as low as possible.

Heather will detail which protein sources will work for you.

There are three main components to determine if a starch product is appropriate.  These three include the quantity of fiber, sugar, and fat in
the product.  The fiber should be greater then 3 grams per serving, the sugar should come from a natural source or as low as possible, and
the fat content should be low.

Heather will detail which carbohydrate or starch sources will work for you.

Sugar from fruit is metabolized much slower then processed sugar; therefore, any product with 100% fruit is appropriate.

Heather will detail which fruit sources will work for you.

Whole fat milk compared to skim milk is very different in nutritional value.  It is important to look for the lowest fat dairy products

Heather will detail which dairy sources will work for you.

Replacing saturated fats with monounsaturated fat is recommended and eliminated trans-fat completely from the diet.  Fat is very high in
calories and all fat products should be limited.

Heather will detail what fat sources will work for you.