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Kate Galllager
Manager of the Avon Breast Cancer Walk Expo, Denver CO
April 10th, 2007

Heather and Lee, We wanted to thank you both again for your time last Saturday at our Expo.  The feedback from those
who attended both of your clinics was very positive.  We enjoyed having you and welcome you back anytime.  Best, Kate.

Susan McNamara
Interior Designer / Mother of 2

My overall goal is to get my body looking toner and more flexible while increasing my strength.  In the short time I have
been working out with Lee Cherry I already feel the affects of our workouts together.  His training is geared toward what I
want to achieve while making the workouts interesting and pushing me to a new level with every workout.  

In addition to our workouts Lee gives me a overall training schedule to keep me motivated with my running and flexibility
training.  I feel like I have begun down a path that is leading me to a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Bob Kinnison
Sales / Marketing Consultant / Professional Cyclist

I've worked with Lee for more than a year, and it's been a 100% positive
experience in every way. I was interested in improving my overall fitness,
losing weight, cycling faster, and doing some racing. Not only has Lee done
a great job of teaching me how to properly train (and recover!!), he's also
given me some great tactical racing advice, and Heather's input has been
invaluable on the weight loss front.

I trained on my own for 3-4 years with almost no improvement. After 18 months working with Lee and Heather, I'm down
15+ pounds, almost 30% more powerful on the bike, and I FEEL GREAT!

Courtney Abbott
Artist / Mother of 2

When I started at Strength From Within LLC, I really did not know what to expect. The program seemed almost too easy. I
had thought that the diet would be difficult. Much to my surprise, it was, and still is, very easy to follow. In only four
months, I have lost around 25 pounds and 10% of my body fat. This system really works.  Thank you Heather and Lee.

Suzie Hazen
Entrepenuer / Breast Cancer Survivor

My decision to come to Strength From Within was a wise one. Their expertise has helped me to lose about 15lbs since I
began. Even though I tend to get off track with my food more often than I should, Heather and Lee are right there to push
me to getting back on track and that is a big plus for me.

Progress has NEVER been achieved by WAITING. Get a plan going with Lee and Heather