Policies and Procedures Manual
The program will work for you because, as your coaches we will motivate
you to succeed.  Here is how we will do it!

We will make you feel valued; share your goals:  I will make you feel valued, and I will address and appreciate your
goals.  New members begining the program will have different goals and will be motivated by different expectations.  
For some reaching the professional level of sport may be the burning ambition; for others, aims that may be far less
grand but equally important to them, such as losing body fat, reducing stress, are the objectives.  As part of this
program you will outline your goals at the start of the year and I will consistantly monitor these along with a measure of
motivation within your training logs.  By being aware of these goals, motivation levels are more likely to be maintained.

We will tell you why and how the program helps you meet your goals:  Our members are motivated when they see
the relevance of the exercises to their goals.  The process of explaining the target of each exercise in the session and
the relev
ance to their performance may be one of the most important things that strength and conditioning coaches can
do to ensure your motivation and adh
earance to the program.

We will show you the results, and describe how this program has worked for others:  For optimum motivation
members need to believe that the program will work.  Therefore, I use consistent, reprodu
cible assessment protocols to
assess and document progress.  This can help provide the motivation to work hard during the session, in the knowledge
that it will contribute to them achieving
their goals.

We will show you your progress:  Members are motivated by success and direct evidence that the program is working
for them is a great motivational tool.  By keeping a
training and performance tool.  By keeping training and performance
logs, members can demonstrate their progress on both a short and long term basis.  Strength and conditioning coaches
have a great advantage in this area, because each day there are data in training progress, such as extra repetitions,
more weight lifted, and improved sprint efforts.  This can be emphasized further by rewarding improvememnt and not
just record performances.

We will develop a motivational environment:  A quality training environment can be a major motivating influence.  
Ideally the environment should be one that provides a pleasant training experience and facilititates the effective
carrying out of the given workouts.  Most times you can step into a training studio and immediately sense the work ethic
of the members, as well as coaches or trainers.  By rewarding efforts as well as achievements, I believe that I have
developed the ideal environment.  Once you are feeling valued you will be more likely to work hard, in this way your
work ethic begins to develop.  A great advantage of developing a great work ethic is that once it is established, it can
often times be self perpetuatiing.  When new members walk into a program with great work ethic, they immediately are
motivated to work hard, and over time they will learn to maintain this.

We will make it enjoyable:  Adherence to a program requires a degree of enjoyment, and as strength and conditioning
coaches, it is important that we plan for long term results as well as short term.  Whereas enhanced  performance is
often the main short term target, we can equally influence members for the long term and develop a mindset where
physical activity is valued and enjoyed.  To facilitate this, it is important that members enjoy working out, and making
working out an enjoyable experience is an important part of my job.  Introducing variety, lighter days, and fun
competitions are all ways good ways to maintain enjoyment in the program.  If members do not enjoy my workouts,
they are unlikey to put full effort into them, and their results will necessarily be compromised.

We will be a role model, and set a positive image:  As your strength coach I am  constantly giving my members
messages, and my actions have a key role in reinforcing or weakening these messages.  I need to act out my messages
by showing that I value good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.  My  messages will be diluted if I say one thing
and act in a different way.